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Moments Workshop

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Moments is a photography workshop that teaches participants how to move off “auto” and “semi-auto” modes of their DSLR so they can begin to master exposure and shooting in manual modes. It focuses on all aspects of the exposure triangle and covers important exposure concepts such as f-stop, iso, shutter speed and lighting and how to document your everyday life with your own littles. Great for the hobbyists and beginners.

Participants will walk away with a 40+ page presentation manual that includes diagrams and examples that are thoughtfuly laid out and easy to replicate for learning assignments.

Topics include:
Must Reads in Your Camera Manual
In Camera Shooting Settings
and...a little editing!

You will need:
-a DSLR camera (canon, nikon, etc but it must have AV and manual mode)
-a wide angle lens (50mm or lower; or a zoom is fine)
-computer *optional

**Please note that this is not for professional photographers and any information shared in class can not be shared or re-used to teach others. Thank you. No-compete contract will be required.
***NON-refundable but you may sell your seat

Class will take place at specified location for each workshop, WE DECIDED A DATE THAT WORKS FOR US.
Details will be emailed to each participant.
Class will be approximately 2.5 hours one-on-on
or 5 hours for a class with refreshments provided.